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A Psychiatrist Provides The Mental Tools To Build Your Wealth which has been commended by

super-investor Warren E. Buffett--and by

Steve Pomeranz on his NPR show--

hear the podcast or read the transcript here.

Charlie Munger's Home June 2022

Charlie Munger's home, June 2022

Building wealth involves recognizing that basic rules routinely applied dutifully over a long life, beginning when you are very young, can make you or anyone else rich.



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This Week America - Ric Bratton - January 17, 2019
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Patricia Raskin - Positive Living Show - January 14, 2019
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School for Startups Radio - December 28, 2018
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Nov 6, 2018 - WHPC 90.3  Part 1

Nov 6, 2018 - WHPC 90.3  Part 2



Why we spend money on things we shouldn't (and how to break the cycle) 

Most of us wish we’d spent less on things like cars, clothes and dining out in order to save. So why don’t we?

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